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We believe Taekwondo is a way of life. We teach students how to exercise and combine both mind and body together as one. With the strict discipline incorporated in our program, the student will learn how to manage their stress, anger, and channel those emotions into positive results through sweat and dedication. What students learn during class reflects in their daily lives.

Why we're the best in the North Fort Worth Area

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At Croft Taekwondo, we are a family oriented Martial Arts school serving the Fort Worth and Haslet areas. We teach focus, self-control, respect and develop self-confidence in our students. Our school teaches the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art).

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Our classes at Croft Martial Arts teach Traditional and Olympic Sport Taekwondo. The traditional aspect focuses on Forms, Kicking Technique, Punching/Striking Technique and Self Defense. Our Sport Taekwondo teaches WTF Olympic Style Sparring.

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  1. Improve mind and body coordination

  2. Increase stamina, strength, and overall well-being

  3. Manage the stress we encounter daily in a positive manner

  4. Knowledge and understanding on the concepts of modern self-defense

  5. Improvement in self-confidence, leadership skills, and having a positive attitude towards life


  1. Increase all aspects of physical fitness

  2. Improving self-esteem. Creating a “Can Do” attitude

  3. A positive community for children to make friends and enjoy activities with others

  4. Improving responsibility in children

  5. Creating leadership skills

  6. Knowledge of real world self-defense

  7. Principles of Taekwondo



  • Courtesy – The simplest part of Taekwondo foundation to utilize. It can be anything from properly bowing to your instructors, to keeping your promise to your parents to clean your room, or even correctly addressing your instructors. Courtesy is an important part of social interactions inside and outside of the school. Utilizing the tenet of courtesy is a great asset just about anywhere in society, like school, home and the work place for just a few examples.

  • Integrity – It plays a key role in your life. It allows you to accomplish your goals. It is an absolute necessity for just to get your black belt you must constantly keep the mind and body focused. Martial Arts require that you continue to employ integrity in order to receive respect from others.

  • Self-Control – Particularly important when you consider the type of material that you learn in Taekwondo, you posses a certain amount of power and potentially dangerous knowledge when you become a seasoned martial artist. However, to be considered a true master of the sport you must be able to combine your skills with self control. It is necessary to Taekwondo as it is in many life situations. You must use many skills blended together to carry out the primary purpose.

  • Perseverance – It’s a very powerful character trait. It is the journey to take to earn your black belt. The path to your black belt is a long and arduous one. It requires much time, focus, learning and most importantly perseverance. You could say it overcoming your obstacles.

  • Indomitable Spirit – This is very close to perseverance, except the difference is that indomitable spirit is the fuel that keeps perseverance going. Having indomitable spirit, you must have a positive and focused state of mind that nothing is going to get in the way of your goals. If you apply indomitable spirit properly, it would affect every part of your life.


As a member of Croft Taekwondo, I will strive to be a strong individual that will practice the principals of Taekwondo and show respect to my family, help others in my community, and be loyal to my country, family and friends.


  • I will practice the principals of Taekwondo at all times

  • I will do things to make my body and mind strong and centered

  • I will obey and respect my parents

  • I will show respect for my master and instructors

  • I will not do anything to dishonor my master, myself or my school

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