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Taekwondo blackbelt testing takes place 2 times a year, once in Spring and again in Fall.

Our blackbelt test is one you won't forget-- it is a 4 day test, comprised of all of the material the student has learned from White Belt to Blackbelt. We grade the candidates in a closed and private test on their forms, endurance, blocks, strikes, sparring, and have them demonstrate over 2,500+ kicks over the course of the test. If they pass, candidates receive their belt on the fourth and final day in front of their friends and family. When that belt is tied on, you know you earned it.

All of our Black Belts are certified through the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) in Seoul Korea. This certificate is recognized worldwide and does not expire over time.

Helpful Links:

Kukkiwon Web Site – World Taekwondo Headquarters

Kukkiwon Poom/DAN Certification – Verify your Poom/Dan Certification

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